About us
Dear customers,

Welcome to the new online store that deals with the import of branded shoes directly from wholesalers abroad. Our domain is good quality goods at very low prices, which makes us significantly different from our competitors.

How is it possible that we have such low prices?
This is because it is a product that was already on sale and is being withdrawn from shelves due to surplus production, change in color, design and fabric, omission of delivery, or damage to the packaging. Companies with world-known shoes have surplus supplies each year and are therefore forced to sell their products under price to free up space for new models. Since these goods are sent directly from a foreign warehouse, there is no need to pay any storage fees, shop rent, etc. You can have the merchandise at wholesale prices.
We have found that buying the branded goods in the Czech Republic at such low prices as abroad is almost impossible, so we are pleased to have this opportunity to offer you original goods that will surprise you both with quality and a great price.

Our goal is to bring you a wide range of high quality goods. We are very sensitive to customer satisfaction, so we also offer complete service and full customer support. We are constantly expanding our range of ladies' and men's goods to offer our customers attractive products at attractive prices. You can choose from the older collections, but also the latest models. Our company has a long history abroad, now we wanted to offer to Central Europe and the surrounding countries and to offer this opportunity of cheap purchases and to you.
The company is registered in the Commercial Register and we are the official company of S. R. O. which is listed on the market.

Our customer support is available to you on email where we always like to be happy to answer any questions about specific products, delivery times, business and payment conditions, shipping of goods abroad and much more.